Gold Factory Online Pokies

Gold Factory Online Pokies

Want to see what the inside of a gold factory might look like? Your dream has come true when you play the Gold Factory Pokies game, featured at the most popular online casinos in New Zealand. Gold Factory is a new and fun video slot machine in which gold coins increase while you are treated to whimsical characters and real money winnings. Gold Factory Pokies is one of the casino's newest pokies games for New Zealand players. Place your bet, spin the reels, and watch your winnings add up.

Gold Factory online pokies is a 5-reel, 50-payline, 1000-coin real money pokies game. Join the tour of the Gold Factory manager as he shows off his gem. The main product here is - you guess it - Gold Coins! You're welcome to try out the game in Free Mode for as long as you like until you feel ready to get into the real game and go for those gold coins.

Pokies Games Symbols

The Wild card is the Gold Factory logo and it substitutes for any other symbol to create winning paylines. The Wild symbol can also create its own win when multiple wilds appear together on an active .

The Bonus Coin is the game's Scatter symbol. This bonus coin icon forms winning scatter combinations whenever a minimum of two Bonus Coin symbols come up together across the reels in any position. Three or more scatter symbols together will trigger the Gold Factory bonus Round. You can calculate your scatter wins by multiplying the combined payout by your total wager on that spin.

Online Casino New Zealand Bonus

In the basement of the Gold Factory there's a boiler room. This is where you'll find the Free Spins symbol with which you can trigger the Free Spins Bonus Game. After the reels stop rolling you'll see how many Free Spins you've won. All Free Spins paylines and wagers remain identical to the spin that activated the Boiler Room Free Spins game.

If that's not enough, there's a second bonus game – the Gold Factory Bonus Game. The bonus game is triggered when at least three Bonus Coins show up anywhere on the reels. You'll see 12 Gold Factory barrels and the game will prompt you to choose 4 of them. Each barrel contains a bonus you've win - go for the highest one which is 619 coins.

Gold Factory Bonus game Number Three is the Reactor Bonus Game. This game also takes place in the boiler room. It activates whenever the reactor symbol appears.  Twelve chambers will be displayed indicating that the Reactor Bonus Game has been activated. Choose one chamber and you'll discover your winning payout. These payouts are random. You'll see your bonus win amount displayed on the screen as it is multiplied by wager on that spin. Watch out for the Malfunction symbol - it tells you that the Reactor Bonus Round is over. But no need for tears, you'll receive a consolation prize -- so no matter what, you've won!

No Deposit Bonus Casino

No deposit bonuses and credits handed out by the casino will let you play Gold Factory online pokies for more time for free so watch your mail box.

New casino members can use their Welcome Bonus Package for lots of free pokies play time.

Veteran players build up their Loyalty Points Package by playing more of their favourite games. Every time that you sign in to the casino and play for real money you receive Loyalty Points which can then be redeemed for casino prizes, cash and other rewarding gifts. The Loyalty Points increase as you gamble so, as you move up the loyalty point ladder's tiers you'll be eligible to earn bigger and better prizes.   

Check your email to find out which monthly promotions are running – it's worth it to join these special events because the bonus promotions are designed to ensure that everyone wins.

How to Win on Pokies

Pokies is essentially a game of luck but casino advisors offer some tricks for how to win on pokies.

First and foremost, enable as many of the game's paylines as possible. Completed combinations can occur on any payline but only those combinations that form on paylines that have been activated with a deposit are eligible to pay out on the wins. It's immensely frustrating to achieve a completed combination and then find out that the payline wasn't activated, so make a deposit – even the minimum amount – on every payline so that all of your wins will be real money wins.

Secondly, it's wise to take advantage of all of the bonus games. Some players skip over the bonus rounds, believing that they offer little in the way of added entertainment or payouts. These bonus games generally require no additional deposits, yet offer real money payouts. So play the bonus rounds and keep the added wins.

Gold Factory online pokies is a terrific slots game for beginners and advanced players alike. Sign in and start manufacturing your own gold!