Hitman Online Pokies

Hitman Online Pokies

For an unusual and daring experience, the Hitman online pokies game is definitely the place to be. This game includes eerie music in the background and images that evoke the world of a hitman. This includes the needle and poisonous liquid, the computer, the hitman coming at you, the back of the hitman’s head, the knife and more. When you play online pokies NZ, you’ll see that Hitman is one of the hottest new games in the New Zealand market and that’s it’s earning this spot for good reasons.

The Hitman Game

The main character with the Hitman online pokies game is the Secret Agent 47. The Hitman in this game is ruthless and accurate, but you actually like him when you play real money pokies because he’s doing his job. As the kiwi pokies game opens, you’ll see a movie clip that creates the ambiance for the game. Then, you’ll be ready to get down to business with the Hitman online pokies drama. Pay attention to the Agent 47 here, as it’s wild. In addition to being wild, the Agent 47 symbol offers some cool special features. If it appears on the third reel, for instance, it will then expand vertically to cover the whole third reel.

The Bonus Game

When you play online pokies NZ, you’ll get to the Insignia bonus game when you have three Insignia symbols scattered on the reels one, two and three. You then pick one of them and you ‘ll get a bonus jackpot that is as much as 20 times your total bet. You can also enjoy the Contract bonus game. This will activate with the kiwi pokies game when you have three computer symbols on the reels. You get to decide who to assassinate here and with which weapon, and every weapon represents a different multiplier value. There is also a Free Spins bonus game here where you’ll get 18 free spins. If you hit the jackpot during the free spins section, you can really be in for some great money.

Interesting Features

With the Hitman online pokies game, there are some interesting features as well. If you hit a bonus icon on reels three or four, the results on reel five will be a bit delayed. This creates anticipation and a feeling of excitement as you play. The payout tables also have a unique design. If you click on the View Payout button you’ll see the winning combinations in an appealing and easy to read way. All of this adds up to awesome fun with Hitman online pokies. Nothing beats this game in the New Zealand market today! this kiwi pokies game will be a hair-raising experience and will offer you an awesome way to have a great time whenever you want to play in New Zealand.