Jurassic Park Online Pokies

Jurassic Park Online Pokies

Kia Ora… Kiwi players will be wrapped with delight in Jurassic Online Pokies. Here scientists encounter genetically engineered dinosaurs that are causing a stir and endanger the human race. The story develops as cloned dinosaurs are restored to life when a power failure occurs on a rich magnate’s personal amusement park on his own island. The 1993 flick directed by Steven Spielberg is a fast-paced, high action thriller. Many consider that it was one of the best movies in the 1990’s. It was so popular, two sequels followed. And now we have Jurassic Online Pokies.

You can now play Jurassic Park Online Pokies at the online casino New Zealand site on your PC, mobile device or tablet. Give the reels a spin as you follow the yarn of the dinosaurs that now have complete jurisdiction of the island.

As Jurassic Park pokies commence, we experience first-hand how science has empowered an entrepreneur to construct an island where dinosaurs existed in prehistoric times. John Hammond and his four guests arrive for a restful visit, (that’s what they thought). After arriving they are shocked to observe that security is dodgy and the cloned dinosaurs are running amok.  While playing Jurassic Online Pokies you, as well as John and the guests, need to keep your wits about you as your survival depends on it. Your only hope is to return the duplicated dinosaur embryos to human domination.

Online Slots Symbols

As the reels of Jurassic park start to roll, the fabulous corresponding orchestral music establishes the mood for the upcoming excitement. The very same performers in the movie are the entire leading cast in Jurassic Park Online Pokies. They include John Hammond, the farsighted tycoon who created Jurassic Park, Ian Malcolm the mathematician and Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler who are the palaeontologists. Furthermore you will see monstrous critters such as tyrannosaurus rex, the flesh-eating velociraptors, the huge triceratops, the long brachiosaurus and the fast-running dilophosaurus.

Payouts are obtained when you receive three matching symbols where one of the symbols emerges on the extreme left reel.

Special Symbols

It was a tiny mosquito which was preserved in amber that was to blame for bringing about the set of events that ultimately permitted the cloned dinosaurs to occur. By removing DNA from the mozzi, the scientists created an atmosphere wherein the dinosaurs came to life.

In Jurassic Online Pokies the mosquito is the scatter symbol. Whenever at least two scatters appear somewhere on the reels, a winning combination is created. By getting at least three scatters at the same time, the Free Spins game is triggered.

The Wild Symbol is the Jurassic Park Logo. It substitutes for any other symbol to   produce winning paylines. The logo is the black T-Rex skeleton on a red background. The logo produces a Wild Stack wherein a maximum of five symbols emerge all at once on the same reel to replace other symbols and achieve winning combinations.

Jurassic Park Online Pokies Free Spins

The Jurassic Free Spins feature is activated when three scatter symbols emerge during a regular game. Would you ever think that a mozzi would be welcomed?

Every time you attain at least three mozzi- scatter symbols at the same time, you can select to play any of the five terrific free spin features. Choosing Velociraptor, twelve free spins along with a Multiplier Wilds and Split Wilds will be allotted to you.

Choosing the Triceratops feature, twelve Free Spins along with Running Wilds will be awarded to you.

If you fancy Brachiosaurus, twelve Free Spins together with a Mystery Multiplier will be granted to you.

Twelve Free Spins with Winning Wilds is yours if you choose our mate, the Dilophosaurus.

And aggro Tyrannosaurus Rex allots you twelve Free Spins

Attention, Attention – T Rex Alert

Palaeontologists have concurred that the most formidable and awesome dinosaur that ever walked this earth was the T-Rex. Throughout the game, the T-Rex makes his appearance whenever he chooses. If you see this guy on your screen you will actually be happy as he will deliver an additional thirty five Wild Symbols. These recently acquired Wild Symbols are immediately tallied to the reels for the next six spins giving you extra opportunities to win cash prizes.

243 Ways to Win

Increased opportunities to complete more pay ways and win big cash prizes are made possible with the 243 Ways to Win slot feature which makes it easier. It is not necessary to activate a payline when you are playing a 243 Ways to Win game. A payout is achieved when you match three symbols with the initial symbol on the furthest left reel. The reason the number 243 is used is because mathematicians have figured out that when you compute every possibility to complete combinations, there are 243 Ways to Win on every spin.

Pokies online free for Fun

Play free pokies by way of the casino’s Free Mode feature. Players that are keen to play but feel they need some practice first can play the Jurassic Online Pokies for free to better acquaint themselves with the game.  When you feel confident enough, make a deposit and play for real. Soon cash and prizes will be yours to keep. Truly Jurassic Park Online Pokies is a real corker of a game.