One of the most important decisions a player at an online casino NZ has to make is the form of online banking to use when playing at the online casino. Many of the classic payment methods are the visa or the debit card. Although these traditional methods of banking are considered convenient as the player does not need to open an additional account, the high amount of internet fraud has meant that many players are looking for alternative payment methods that do not require the player to share personal and financial information on line.

Skrill, previously known as Moneybookers is one of the most popular alternative payment methods that provides customers with a safe and reliable e-wallet system that is also easy to use.

Online Banking with Skrill at the Online Casino NZ

Thousand of players at the online casino in New Zealand use Skrill in order to manage their online casino accounts. Skrill is a great payment method for players who either do not own a credit card or who would prefer to not use their credit or debit card when playing at the online casino.

Players who wish to use the Skrill system will first have to register at the Skrill site online. The registration process is both fast and simple and once completed the player need only enter his email address and password when transferring funds from his Skrill account to the online casino. Once the player has added funds to his Skrill account he simply chooses Skrill as his payment method of choice at the casino. The funds are transferred almost immediately into the player’s casino account.

Although Skrill charges a small fee for transferring money, there is no fee charged for players who withdraw winnings into their account.

Advantages of using Skrill at the Online Casino NZ

There are a number of online casino sites that offer the player additional deposit bonuses for using Skrill as a payment method. This bonus can be as high as 20% of the amount deposited, making Skrill an excellent opportunity to receive extra bonuses at the online casino.

Skrill is a safe and respected e-wallet system that uses email and passwords to send and receive funds. This means players will never have to divulge personal and financial information to the casino, providing the player with greater security and allowing them to play at online casinos anonymously.

Players are able to access their Skrill accounts whenever they wish to keep track of their funds. There is also an around the clock customer service department should there ever be any problems or queries regarding the player’s Skrill account.

In addition, Players can use a major credit card or a bank transfer to add money to their Skrill account, Skrill can also transfer money internationally and it is even possible to obtain a pre-paid MasterCard to attach to a Skrill account.