The Quest Contest at All Slots is your exciting chance to earn two free golden bonuses in each of four rounds this November 2015

The Quest Contest at All Slots!!!

Whether you’re an extremely seasoned player or one that has just discovered the fun and the magic of online casino games, you can throw your proverbial hat into the ring during The Quest Contest at All Slots, the most exciting New Zealand online casinos promotion you’re likely to come across on your screen this month November 2015!

How to Begin Your Quest

First of all, you should know where you can join in on The Quest! If you are an aficionado already of online pokies and other online casino games you probably already are familiar with and play at All Slots Casino. So you probably then already know about the awesome promotions that run at this casino and all across the Microgaming Jackpot Factory group family. These casinos include All Slots (of course), First Web Casino, Wild Jack Casino, All Jackpots Casino and the ever exciting and exclusive VIP Lounge Casino.

Some of the Perks of The Quest

Next, you need to play to win The Quest Contest at All Slots. And all these online casinos give you the chance to play over six hundred games at the touch of a button, the best graphics, soundscapes and odds to win in the industry, and scores of other exciting treats and promotions. This includes brand new games constantly on offer, including this week the new Basketball Star Slots game which features a full two hundred forty three ways to win, Rolling Reels™, including the Rolling Reels Multiplier Trail and Wild Shot!

First Steps on Your Quest

There is also an always available and exciting Loyalty Program that earns you points just for playing the way you do anyway - and joining this Loyalty Program your first step toward winning The Quest this November at All Slots!

This loyalty program gives you the exciting chance to earn points for every wager you make at the rate of 1 point for every ten New Zealand Dollars and 10 credits back for every 1000 points you achieve. As you accrue points, you move from tier to tier and this is exactly what you need to do to win The Quest at All Slots. For each Loyalty Point you earn this month during The Quest, you are one point closer to reaching your goals during The Quest.

That’s right! for every Loyalty Point your earn this month at the All Slots or any of the other Jackpot Factory Casinos, you are also earning one special Quest Promotional Point that gives you the opportunity to move forward toward earning your special Quest Bonuses.

Golden Bonuses on Your Quest

There are two exciting Quest Bonuses - called golden goals available to each player during each of four rounds this month - for a total of eight golden goals possible to each player during the promotion. Each of these four rounds begin and end at different times this month and these Golden Goals can be achieved by earning Quest Points during these time periods.

Completing Your Quest

Although it takes place during the month of November,  and starts on the first of the month the Quest ends on the 28th of this month, so act fast to reach in and collect your share of The Quest Bonuses. Also, each round lasts seven days and begins and ends as follows. Round One begins on November 1 and goes through the 7th.

At the time of this writing , the this round has already completely ended, and the Second Round which begins on November 8 and goes through November 14 has only three days, twenty hours, ten minutes and sixteen seconds left! But there still time to get in on the action, so act now to get your share of Round Two Quest Bonuses before this round finishes as well, and these bonuses are off the table forever!!

However, if you missed Rounds One and Two, never fear! There are still two more exciting Quest Rounds to increase your fun and earning potential this month during this exciting Quest at All Slots. Round Three begins on November 15th and continues through November 21st. The Fourth -and final- Quest Round begins on November 22 of this month and comes to it’s dramatic conclusion after a month of thrilling games on November 28, 2015.

Next Quest Steps

So now that you know all about The Quest contest this month at All Slots, you are probably hot to get going and begin seeking your Quest rewards and golden bonuses. So how do you opt in to this newest thrilling promotion by the Jackpot Factory Group by Microgaming? Simply click the link on any of the promotional pages, or by going to the “Promotions” tab at the top of the All Slots Casino webpage and The Quest should be the first option presented, in the left top corner.

After clicking the banner, you will be directed to The Quest sign in page, where you will be directed to enter your username and then you will be ready to click the “TO THE QUEST” button below. Also  if you look below this sign-up area there is a running countdown clock letting players know just how much time they have left in the current Quest round to complete their goals!

Other Reasons to Begin Your Quest

As you can see, there are many exciting reasons to come to All Slots Casino and begin your Quest today! And if you’re already a member of the All Slots Casino when you come to the signup page as described above, it will take you mere seconds to join The Quest. But if you’re not already a member of the Casino you’ll have to go to the top right hand corner of the page and Register a new username, or you can click the “Getting Started” link, also in the top right corner of the All Slots Casino page and you will be walked through the steps to creating your account as easy as 1-2-3!

And if you’re a first time Player, in addition to your exciting Quest bonuses, you’ll also get the exciting welcome package offering up to one thousand, six hundred thirty New Zealand Dollars over the first week. This breaks down to thirty NZD absolutely free when you sign up, then, up to two hundred fifty matching dollars free when you make your first deposit.

Next you get up to two hundred fifty dollars free in 100% matching funds upon your second deposit, up to five hundred dollars free in 50% matching funds on your third deposit. Even more exciting, if your luck can be believed, you get up to six hundred dollars free in 50% matching funds upon your fourth deposit - to be made within seven days of the first deposit.

Add these out of this world sign up benefits to the exciting promotional bonuses available this month during The Quest Contest at All Slots, and you’ll have no choice but to go on over to the Casino right away and begin your Quest today!!