Enjoy the Thrill While Playing Twisted Circus Online Pokies

Twisted Circus Online Pokies

When choosing to play in one of the many available web pokies games, the decision usually comes down to the game that offers the gamblers the most interesting and compelling experience that will keep them busy for hours. Twisted Circus online pokies is an enchanting game that will allow any player to get lost in the mystery while winning cash and enjoying some great prizes. The game is available in most of the online casinos in New Zealand, providing all gamblers with the chance to enjoy the unique experience. The game is fully committed to the circus theme, with great background music and some unpredictable characters, creating a world no player would want to leave.

Basic Details

The 5-reels pokies game offers the players 243 ways to win, with a prize that goes up to 416,000 coins. The amount of cash won on each round can be modified at any time during the game, as it is possible to adjust the size and the amount of coins played on at any spin. Twisted Circus is a wonderful choice for these who want to play pokies online for real money without clearing their bank account, as the player can make extremely small bets. The game is also accessible to players who want to play for free, allowing them to check the game out before committing to playing for real cash. In terms of accessibility, the game can be reached at all the different casinos via the online Flash version or through the download software of the casino, making it a great choice for these who sometimes choose to play on a whim.

The Symbols

In the spirit of the crazy and unique circus world, the symbols in this pokies game are represented by different characters that can be found in a similar setting in real life, such as a snake charmer, a bearded lady, a fire breather and many more. In order to make a winning combination, these symbols have to appear adjacently from the left reel to the right, making a combination of at least 3 icons. The symbols award the gambler with up to 250 coins on a regular spin. Also, there’s always the wild symbol that substitutes for all the common icons in the quest of making a winning combination, in this case represented by the logo of the game itself.

Another special symbol is the scatter, represented by two cool-looking circus tickets. If the player gets at least 3 of the scatter anywhere on the reels, in no particular order, the free spins are triggered. For 13 whole spins the won prizes are multiplied by 3, making it possible for the player to get a big win. Furthermore, the game presents the gamblers with an extra bonus feature; the bonus symbol is represented by the ring master, and if this icon appears at least 3 time on the reels, the Circus Match Bonus is triggered. During this game the player gets the chance to try and match 3 identical symbols, and win a prize that goes up to 42,000 all at once!

In Conclusion

Twisted Circus online pokies offers casino lovers a thrilling experience, with a unique theme and great prizes. Although not as lucrative as other pokies games, the fact is that Twisted Circus is extremely fun and it is much more interesting to play in for a long period of time. The game is also available on many different platforms, allowing the players to access the game from their own desktop or from any computer they have within reach. With all the bonuses and perks the game has, it is pretty much guaranteed that anyone who choose to try this game out will enjoy the ride.