Ukash is said to provide the customer with the ability to utilize the simplicity and ease of cash to easily and safely make online banking transactions.

How to Use Ukash

Ukash is the perfect solution for the customer who does not have a bank account or credit cards at his disposal, or the customer who does not want to risk disclosing his personal and bank details online. Ukash allows the customer to purchase a Ukash voucher at either a convenient retail location or even via the internet.

The Ukash voucher consists of a 19 digit PIN code that is ready to be used immediately. The voucher can be used to make purchases online or to re-load an online account. The voucher will detail the amount of money and the currency of the Ukash voucher that has been purchased and the expiry date (a Ukash voucher expires after 12 months)

Using Ukash is a secure and convenient online banking solution. Ukash also works with leading retailers and companies all over the world, and is widely available for purchase in over 50 countries around the world.

Ukash and the Online Casino

The online casino review has shown, that Ukash is in fact one of the most popular methods of online banking, when playing at an online casino. Ukash is the number one preferred method of choice at an online casino New Zealand. The reason that Ukash is such a popular method of depositing and withdrawing cash at the online casino New Zealand is largely explained by the fact that it is so simple and user-friendly to use. The online casino review has detailed over 50 different online casino New Zealand sites that accept the Ukash payment method.

Additional Advantages of Using Ukash at the Online Casino New Zealand

A further great feature of the Ukash voucher system is the option of splitting up the voucher into two different payments. The player can detail the amount of money that he wishes to deposit into the online casino, and the money that remains will then be transferred into a new voucher that can be used at a different time and even at a separate location.

Ukash is also unique in the sense that unlike many other e-wallet solutions, you can just as easily withdraw your cash using your Ukash voucher, as you can deposit it. When you are ready to cash in your winnings you can simply deposit it on to your Ukash voucher card.